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In Papyro
begun 2006 (ongoing)

(In Papyro) is an ongoing series that began in 2006. Each drawing consists of a single line and evolves from a simple rule; that when this line extends out from its initial point it must return to that point before projecting out again. Over time if that initial point can no longer be connected to, due to the sheer abundance of lines, then another point can be established and the drawing proceeds.


I liken this rule to DNA, something inherent that unites all these manifestations yet allows for a freedom through which other forms can unfold.


Days can be spent drawing these undulations, these folds, peaks and crevices. Their making involves dextrous projections and returns, pivots and ellipses. Yet over time alternative trajectories are revealed, new appendages break through.

In Papyro grew out from an experience of trying to conceive. Against the backdrop of medical vagaries and feelings of futility, drawing is employed as a method to invoke, calling upon forces to aid and assist. I see In Papyro as visual spells that attempt to influence biological processes and living matter. A parallel activity willing life to emerge, to form; a calling from one body to another. 

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