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drawing Lune in the moonlight
Lune (animate)
Lune (animate)
Lune_EclipseBookNasa_photo@pkeungw (1 of
Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses, a NASA publication
NASA solar eclipses
diagram from Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses and a drawing from Lune by Pak Keung Wan
Eclipse diagram & drawing
Lune (strata)
Lune drawing installation New Art Gallery Walsall
Lune drawings New Art Gallery Walsall
Lune drawing installation New Art Gallery Walsall
Lune, 2012
drawing installation, New Art Gallery Walsall, UK
Drawing installation
Lune moving image
still, digital animation, projection on glassine
New Art Gallery Walsall, UK
Digital installation

Lune began in 2009 and grew out from the series Untitled (in papyro). It has become a generative form currently comprising drawing, animation, projection and installation.

I came across a publication by NASA which details through diagrams every solar eclipse over a 5000 year period from -1999 June 12 to 3000 October 19.

Each drawing stems from the linear path of shadow traversing the Earth’s surface as seen in each diagram. The forms in the In Papyro series evolve from numerous self-devised templates. Lune is drawn through one of those templates. 

Although the NASA publication informed the production of Lune, its underlying themes are shared by In Papyro. Here, there are correspondences that reveal and explain - the alignment of two (celestial) bodies bringing forth the (re)production of a life. Within these invaginated forms, in its folds, fissures and openings, I have begun to see Lune as some kind of prosthetic for a paternal activity where drawing, the still and moving image are surrogates through which a life is sustained. Lune is an act of reproduction.

There are 11,898 solar eclipses detailed in NASA’s publication and the 1150 drawings that make up this current work span a mere 494 years.

Lune is ongoing

Installation: The Art House, Wakefield, UK 2017
Solo Residency Exhibition - on why some things form & other things don't
Art House 1
Solar eclipse NASA publication, Lune drawings
Lune drawings in perspex vitrine
photography at The Art House by Jules Lister
Art House 2
moonlight on graphite
Moonlight Graphite
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