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(Solar Caress) 2012-2015

Solar Caress, 2012 - 2017 (ongoing)

(Solar Caress) grew out from explorations with the technique of Spolvero. This method is used to transfer a drawing onto another surface by piercing small holes into the original trace and dabbing powder through the holes. I began to think of Spolvero as a motif to suggest the porosity of bodies, where an entwining occurs and loss of self.

Flowing alongside is my fascination with Harmonic Patterns which are created by the gravitational pull of two planetary bodies – such as Venus and Earth, where rotational forces are visualised resembling templates for a celestial dance.

The graphic mark is affected by the material and visual qualities inherent to the different media being employed and their ‘compatibility’ with the various paper surfaces, some of which are nearly a century old. In the dusty, opaque sheen of graphite, the sultry stubbornness of a chinagraph, the twinkling web-like delicacy of a metallic pencil, such qualities connect to how I have come to relate to each figure.

These postcards have been up in my studio for a while and were selected because I feel a tacit attraction towards the people in them. These are bodies around which I circulate, exchange glances, converse across the ether.

Solar Caress #2
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