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Sun Shadows

The Sun Shadow series began in 1998 in response to an often cloudless sky during a residency in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Two weeks were spent wandering the dark, cavernous spaces of the Bemis Center, observing the patches of sunlight. These works trace the movement of sunlight as it traverses the surface of a room. Some were drawn in the course of a day, while others were created over several days. The sunlight enters the spaces mainly through windows which subsequently determined the form of each drawing.

Each shadow consists of a single line with the crayon or pencil only leaving the surface upon breaking or in need of sharpening. On days when the light was constant and intense I responded with a strong line, reflecting the hard edge of sunlight. While on days when the sky was broken by cloud I adopted a much softer approach to my drawing where my line would become more searching and wandered the surface in its attempt to define the cusp between light and shade.


The series is ongoing.

SunShadow 1
Sun Shadow I, 1998
lumber crayon, 1278cm long
Installation: Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, USA
Top floor details 1
Installation view
Studio details

The last remaining vestiges of sunlight

Studio Light
Sun Shadow V,
(drawing towards the sunset, 5 days), 1998
lumber crayon, 420cm x 150cm
Studio Installation view
Sun Shadow III, 1998
pencil on wall, length 800cm
Old Pump Room
Pump room
Pump room detail 1
hole through which the sunlight entered the space
Pump room detail 2

Pump Room, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art.

Two Shadows were drawn in this disused space scheduled for demolition. As the last documentary photograph was shot, I distinctly remember the bulldozer rumbling up to the building. That night I saw the remains of my drawing amongst the rubble.

Pump room view
Sun Shadow II, 1998
lumber crayon, length 500 x 85cm
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